Luxury is not a dream to be preserved for special occasions, but a daily privilege. A formula expressing the philosophy of Gianantonio Paladini Lingerie, a brand with deep roots in the Italian tailoring tradition.

The founder, in fact, is Gianni Paladini, whose family was already managing an atelier at the beginning of the XX Century in Milan, at short distance from Piazza della Scala. And the atelier’s creations went all but unnoticed: even Maria Callas, “La Divina”, was a regular client.


A timeless style to reinvent one’s charm.

On the other hand, the inspiring force came from Alba Rosa Ceccatelli, a well-established stylist, who weaved tradition and experimentation through cross-contamination, thus shaping unique, creative and contemporary creations.

Gianantonio Paladini’s collections include selected, precious fabrics, designed for comfort and seduction: a combination materializing in lingerie for everyday wear, but also for the most relaxed moments and to bring out every woman’s own femininity, too. Every woman will appreciate the attention to detail, the hand-made working and the trimmings that make these garments unique – and so special to have and to wear. A timeless style, to reinvent one’s own charm.