Conditions of Sales

Following text is reporting terms and general conditions of sale applied to all orders and items and accessories purchases on the website (hereafter “website”) managed by EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL, having its registered office in Italy, Via Maestri del Lavoro 5, 40138 Bologna (hereafter “EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL”).

1. Users are required to read carefully following Terms and Conditions before proceeding with purchases on this website.
2. By confirming the purchase, the user declares:

a. The reading, the acknowledgment and the complete acceptance of following Terms and Conditions;
b. The products order placed on the website is exclusively for personal use and is not the user’s intention to resell such products to a commercial or business activity, hereby declaring himself/herself “end consumer”;
c. EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL is enabled to store, process and transfer to third parties and/or abroad the information contained in the online purchase form, in order to be able to process the requested order.

3. EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL will make sure the information on the website is accurate and current, although no absolute guarantee can be offered. The user acknowledges and accepts that product may differ partially from details and/or pictures on the website.
4. Following terms and Conditions are not applicable in case, on the website, links and/or banners are directing to services supply or products sale from subjects other than EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL. In such cases we suggest that users verify the section Terms and Conditions on the subjects website before placing any orders. EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL, in fact, will not be liable for the conclusion of electronic commercial transactions between our users and third parties.
5. The conclusion of the sale contract takes place when EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL sends a written confirmation of shipment to the email address the user has indicated on the online order.
6. In the event an ordered item is no more available, EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL will not have any obligation to supply said product, but will have the responsibility to inform the user immediately. Should the stock availability be limited to only a part of ordered items, EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL will contact the user asking whether to cancel the whole order or to receive only available items. Obviously, in such case, the customer will be refunded of the amount of unavailable items.
7. The sales currency for all countries is euro. The amount charged in euro will be the same as displayed in the order balance. EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL will make sure that prices on the website are always accurate and current.
8. Shipment costs might differ by country where delivery is requested, and they will be charged against the order, according to shipment rates indicated.
9. The user will have to to pay the amount by order confirmation with credit card or PayPal. We will not accept credit cards issued in countries other than the country of sale. The carrier indicated will deliver the shipment to the address the user indicates on the order.
10. EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL and the transportation carriers undertake to meet the lead time indicated on the web page. On the other hand we care about informing you that delivery time may vary by country, weather conditions and/or national holidays.
11. EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL reserves the right to verify, suspend or completely void, to its judgment, the performance of any obligation deriving from the contract of sale. This in case a fraud, negligence or breach of obligations undertaken by user is allegedly against EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL, through previous sale contracts.
12. If the country of destination of the goods requires customs duties and the User, for any reason, does not want to receive the order once the order is at customs, EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL will not redeem any value for products there abandoned at place.
13. Purchased products on website may be returned within 14 days of the delivery date.
14. Upon receipt of the goods at EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL, the sale contract is void, and its relative obligations, rights or claims decay. However, in the event the goods returned by the customer are damaged or not in compliance with return conditions, EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL may compensate such damage by deducting it from the payment of products previously made by customer.
15. Following conditions in addition to what indicated in previous points:

a. The user who will want to return one or more items will have to send, within 14 (fourteen) days from date of receipt, the return authorization request through the summary page of order to obtain the return authorization number (“RAN). For instructions on how to return merchandise, please consult section “Returns and Refunds” in the area customer service;

16. After checking integrity of returned merchandise, EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL shall confirm to user by email that return process has been successfully completed and the refund of returned items will be credited, within 30 (thirty) following days, on credit card or PayPal in case of electronic payment. The amount will be credited by PayPal bank transfer on the check account number provided on return form through refund steps.
17. If during the refund steps the above descried conditions should not be respected, EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL will be unable to issue a refund to user. However, the user will have the right to withdraw the items at EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL warehouse at his/her costs. In the event the user does not request the returned merchandise within 30 (thirty) days of the date on which the unacceptance of return is communicated by EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL, we will be enabled to hold them together with the amount paid at the moment of purchase.
18. In case of defective merchandise, the warranty enables the user to receive exclusively a refund of the same amount as paid by customer. The defect must be timely communicated and explained to EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL to the address, within 2 (two) months from the detection of it. Each single product is carefully checked from our quality control before shipment. In case of withdrawal of defective item, EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL will respond of return shipment costs also for countries where the return is charged to customer.
19. Upon merchandise return, the same will be examined in order to determine the real defectiveness. In case EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL agrees on it, an email with return acceptance will be sent to the user and a refund procedure will be issued.
20. With the exception of the above mentioned warranty, EMMECIPI STUDIO excludes any other responsibility to the user, subject to the applicable mandatory requirements.
21. The price paid by the user upon products purchase sets the maximum responsibility limit from EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL.
22. In the event one or more points on present document should result void, unlawful or ineffective, this shall not determine the complete inapplicability of Terms and Conditions. Such points will be modified or substituted for so as to take into account the intention and contents of the same, remaining however in compliance with existing provisions.
23. These Terms and Conditions are regulated by Italian law, specifically by d.lgs 206/05 concerning the Consumer Code, with specific reference to legislation about distance contracts, and by d.lgs 70/03 about some aspects concerning e-commerce.
24. In the event of disputes arising from following Terms and Conditions between EMMECIPI STUDIO SRL and its users, the Judicial Authority identified under art. 63 of d.lgs 206/05 will be territorially competent.
25. This document containing Terms and Conditions of Use will be possibly updated and adapted in consideration of possible changes of existing provisions. Modifications will be valid from publishing on this page of the web site. Therefore, we ask you to frequently monitor this section.