Method of Payment

Payment is made after customer’s registration in the process of closing the order.

Payment of purchase price of products and of the shipment cost will have to be made in one solution through one of the following methods:

Credit card

We accept following Credit Cards:

• Visa
• Mastercard

VISA ELECTRON credit cards may not be entitled to such a kind of payment.

In order to ensure a correct transaction with the purchase order form with a Credit card, it is necessary to follow these simple steps:

• Verify that type of Credit Card is amongst the accepted ones.
• Enter 16 digits of your Credit Card number and the last 3 digits of safety code on reverse side of Credit Card.
• Enter correctly expiry date of Credit Card (month and year)
• By clicking OK, the transaction will take place, with the data transmission in encrypted form to the bank website which verifies the validity of Credit Card.

We care about remarking that Credit Card transaction TAKES PLACE DIRECTLY on the bank website, in safe mode (SSL). Therefore we don’t have ANY CONTROL POSSIBILITY, for safety and privacy reasons, on the data you enter in the purchase form with Credit Card (number, expiry date), which means we don’t have ANY POSSIBILITY OF KNOWING THE REASONS for bank rejection of a payment request.

The most frequent reasons for a transaction rejection are as follows:

• Use of a Credit Card which is not accepted by our system
• An error occurring in data assignment
• Exceeding the available limit


Select payment mode “Pay with Paypal”

Log in in the Paypal area in case you have a Paypal account or select the option “Pay with credit card” and use your own credit card entering your data.

We accept following credit cards:

• Visa
• Mastercard
• Maestro
• Poste Pay (Visa and Mastercard)
• Aura Card (Visa and Mastercard)
• Paypal Card (Mastercard)

VISA ELECTRON credit cards may not be entitled to such a kind of payment.
The following screen shows total amount due; at this point you just have to confirm your choice.
The payment will be directly confirmed and you will receive confirmation of payment by email.